The Real Effects of PTSD on a Marriage

“If your marriage is struggling due to...PTSD, then you need to sit and listen to Meg and Eric."

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This presentation will bring light to the daily struggles of a married couple dealing with a veteran spouse who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meg Hawkins and Eric Provow, both first responders, have been married for over 7 years. When they met, Eric had been retired from the military for over seven years. In 2017, Eric almost completed suicide and that experience rocked and changed their lives forever.


“If your marriage is struggling due to one of you suffering from PTSD, then you need to sit and listen to Meg and Eric. They’ll walk you through understanding how PTSD can affect a marriage and how to repair it. They are knowledgeable speakers on the subject and I highly recommend them.”
“A true power couple who literally lives by their wedding vows, ‘Through sickness and health.’ Eric and Meg demonstrate what being there for one another truly means.” 
The “Married with PTSD” presentation gave me hope for being in a relationship affected by PTSD.  Eric and Meg are open and honest about where they have been and how PTSD continues to play a factor in their lives.  They are a perfect example of Post Traumatic Growth and how to turn struggle into strength.” 
“I attended the training that you were apart of in Wareham, MA. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story and it meant a lot to me. As someone who neglected his family (mainly my spouse) when I was trying to figure out why I could not go to family functions, restaurants and anything with a crowd, it hit home. I think it’s great that you share what you went through and what you learned from this experience (and continue to learn). Let’s just say it made me go home and give my wife, sons and dog a big hug. THANK YOU and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re making a difference.”
Peter Moscaritolo
Police Officer

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